Deloitte expands finance transformation offering to meet CFOs demand for improved performance management information


8 March 2011: In response to the increased demand from chief financial officers (CFO) for clearer and more detailed insight into the performance of their businesses, Deloitte Consulting has joined forces with the team from specialist performance management advisory firm jackson browne.

By helping finance teams to implement better financial consolidation, budgeting, forecasting and reporting systems and processes, jackson browne gives CFOs and their teams access to a more detailed and accurate insight of business and financial performance across their organisation.

Robert Hillard, Deloitte Consulting technology lead partner, said: “Directors, shareholders and other stakeholders are increasingly looking to the CFO to provide strategic insight and decision support. Whether it is organic or acquisition led growth, the CFO typically takes a leadership role and this type of performance data is a key part of the modern CFO’s armoury.

“Oracle Hyperion has emerged as the performance management tool of choice for many CFOs and we recognise that there is an opportunity to accelerate our growth into this market by joining up with the well established team from jackson browne. We were attracted to the team at jackson browne because of the reputation they have built working with some of Australia’s largest companies.

“We’re delighted to welcome founding directors Paul Sanders, Grant Callaghan and their team to Deloitte Consulting where they will be a valuable addition to our finance transformation and advisory capability.”

Commenting on the union of the two firms, Deloitte Consulting managing partner, Adam Powick said: “Three years ago, Deloitte made a strategic decision to develop its EIM practice with a number of senior hires including Robert Hillard and a team of around sixty enterprise information management (EIM) specialists.

“Following the rapid growth in demand for EIM related services, this practice has now doubled in size and our investment in corporate performance management represents the next phase of this growth strategy

“We are now in an unrivalled position to provide finance leaders with the ability to access critical performance data and business insight across their organisation.”

“The growth in multi-channel sales with multiple customer and supplier touch points provides a wealth of performance data and information assets to leverage.”

jackson browne director and co-founder, Grant Callaghan said: “Having complete trust in their financial data is the number one priority for the CFOs and financial controllers we work with. For the past five years, our services, combined with the Oracle Hyperion performance management solution has helped finance teams to get one consolidated view of their financial data across the many accounting systems and processes in their organisations.

“The ability to report corporate performance quickly and accurately means they can focus their effort on providing insight on their operational and strategic performance.”

jackson browne director and co-founder Paul Sanders said: “The whole jackson browne team, is looking forward to combining our expertise and experience with Deloitte’s national and global footprint to create Australia’s most eminent and successful corporate performance management practice.

Deloitte’s new Corporate Performance Management team will be split between Melbourne and Sydney with Grant Callaghan and Paul Sanders joining as directors.

About Grant Callaghan
With more than 12 years’ experience implementing cutting-edge business intelligence and management information solutions for some of Australia's largest corporates, Grant is a recognised expert in helping companies get the most from their Hyperion investment. He also has significant experience helping clients leverage these systems during the operational support and maintenance phase of the Hyperion lifecycle to ensure the performance management systems are delivering true value and insight.

About Paul Sanders
Over the past decade Paul Sanders has scoped, designed, implemented and supported Oracle Hyperion’s Performance Management solutions for a large number of Australia’s leading companies. Paul’s advisory and implementation expertise has enabled companies to deliver strategic insight into their business, meet regulatory and internal management information requirements and remove inefficiency, duplication and error from their consolidation, reporting, budgeting and forecasting processes.

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