Prosperity levers for Government

Positioning for prosperity? Catching the next wave

Government can play a role here too. In broad terms, businesses should focus on ‘doing’, while governments should focus on ‘enabling’.

When it comes to increasing proximity to growth opportunities and strengthening competitive advantage, government has access to levers comparable to those available to business. 

However, the courses of action open to government leaders will be different. These steps are effectively ways of hitting ‘forward’ and ‘fast forward’ to shape the future for our companies and Australia’s economy.

Prosperity levers for Government

Opportunity radar

Superior sensing of growth pockets

  • Trends
  • Major shifts
  • Discontinuities

Structural advantage

Leverage natural assets

  • Major national infrastructure
  • Regional development
  • Trade agents

Competency advantage

Create operating advantage

  • Elevate productivity
  • Enablers like vocational training
  • Immigration/visas

Portfolio mix

Raise GDP growth rate

  • Faster consolidation
  • Bipartisan commitment
  • Attract global companies

Resource allocation

Shift resources to increase exposure to growth

  • Terminate incentives/benefits
  • Prioritise high growth pockets
  • Innovate operating models.