Fraud investigation and dispute services

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  • Fraud and corruption health check – why you need it and what should it look like
    The risks and realities of fraud and corruption are widely recognised as a significant issue for organisations, regardless of industry or geography.
  • The reality of ‘hacking’ – what is your response?
    Cyber-security is now a critical issue for CEOs, boards and political leaders as cyber-attacks on businesses and governments, including those in Australia, increase.
  • In a world full of data and technology, don’t forget the value of the face-to-face approach
    David Morgan explores two case studies involving interviews with suspects that highlight the importance of keeping an open mind.
  • Partner Insight
    Deloitte Forensic experts provide some perspectives on 2012 and insights on what to look for in 2013.
  • Alert: Revised Bribery guidance by the UK SFO
  • Doing more with less: productivity and data analytics
    Glen Ryman highlights the benefit of using advanced data analytics to identify and help drive improvements in productivity.
  • Bribery and corruption survey 2012
    The significant increase in foreign bribery and corruption exposure in the past 18 months highlights the real need for action by Australian organisations. On 26 April 2012, Deloitte launched its inaugural Bribery and Corruption survey.
  • Risk and Regulatory Review August 2012
    Balancing stability and competition in the face of LAGIC, FoFA, FATCA, Stronger Super reforms and AML/CTF compliance.
  • Integrity due diligence
    Jon Greenaway and Mike Clarson highlight the importance of integrity due diligence on international business partners.
  • Directors' Alert: 12 issues for 2012
    This publication examines some of the top challenges likely to face companies, and their board of directors, in 2012.