Tracking the Trends 2013: Top ten issues in mining


Tracking the Trends 2013: top ten issues in mining

Mining companies are facing rising costs, falling commodity prices and other challenges in these volatile times. However, Deloitte’s new Tracking the Trends 2013 predicts that companies will be able to thrive into the future if they can set solid strategic direction and hold that course amidst shifting industry realities.

Deloitte’s global network of mining professionals has identified 10 of the main challenges likely to confront the sector during 2013 in our fifth annual report Tracking the Trends report.  The report considers these issues and offers solutions that mining companies could adopt in response.

The 10 trends identified and described in the report are:

  1. Counting the costs - Paying the price of bullish behaviour
  2. Managing demand uncertainty - Conflicting market indicators magnify volatility
  3. Capital project deceleration - Quality trumps quantity in the project pipeline
  4. Preparing for the M&A storm - Market indicators point to rising deal volumes
  5. Governments getting greedier - The cash cow is bleeding amid heightened resource nationalism
  6. Combatting corruption - Miners are being held to higher standards
  7. Climbing the social ladder - A new level of responsible behaviour
  8. Plugging the talent gap - Long-term skills shortages still loom
  9. Playing it safe - Looking beyond historical data to improve safety outcome
  10. At the IT edge - Getting the most out of emerging—and existing—technologies.