National Broadband Network

Good regulation is the foundation for business growth

The 30 July deadline has closed for submissions to the new regulatory framework and legislation supporting the NBN and the Australian telecommunications industry is waiting to see what the changes will be.

When the framework is released, business will need to promptly review business models and product plans as they apply to packaging and pricing. Deloitte’s business consulting and economic modelling team are already helping a range of clients address these issues and come up with strategies on how to manage these issues.

Deloitte’s national Technology, Media and Telecommunications industry group of more than 100 practitioners nationally and several thousand practitioners globally help our team keep a local and global view on developments in this field.

In this video, Jim Slone, UK Vice Chairman of Deloitte believes that Australia is in a unique regulatory position compared to other countries around the world, as NBN Co will hold a monopoly on infrastructure.

The key question is, how will this new Australian infrastructure be regulated and how will this affect the future pricing, and success, of services on the internet for Australia?

If you have any questions about how the NBN will affect your business contact Damien Tampling Partner and Australian TMT Industry Leader.