Deloitte analyses global trends for the media industry for 2008


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Australia, February, 2008: 
In 2008, online advertising will be challenged, the living room will increase its contribution to the carbon footprint and internet TV will drive the growth for traditional TV viewing according to Deloitte’s technology, media & telecommunications industry (TMT) leader Damien Tampling following the release of Deloitte’s annual global report, Media Predictions –Trends 2008.

Obstacles ahead for the online ad

Deloitte’s Media Predictions-Trends 2008 highlights that the US$42 billion online advertising industry is likely to see face a number of obstacles in 2008. A key barrier would be a lack of standard measurement and a growing antipathy to the online advertisement as a key global trend. Other obstacles include a increase in regulatory scrutiny and increasing competitiveness from traditional media.

The report recommends that the advertising sector may need to be more aggressive in the promotion of the benefits of online advertising in 2008. It should communicate the fair exchange that internet ads offer to end-users, for example with free content.

The sector should also monitor regulation carefully. The more successful online advertising got the more subject to regulatory scrutiny it would become. The sector would also face rising competitiveness from traditional media formats.

Damien Tampling commented that in Australia there were no broadly accepted standards around the measurement of the effectiveness of online advertisements.

“This is beginning to cause issues as more and more organisations advertise online and want to compare ROI across different channels, websites, time periods and territories,” he said.

“Though the need today may well be for media organisations to create and sell cross media advertising packages, an inability to provide consolidated and accurate results on the impact of campaigns across multiple channels will still come into play,” he added.

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