Telecommunications predictions 2008

TMT trends 2008

Telecommunications Predictions

This study examines 10 global emerging trends sure to have a major influence on the telecommunications sector:

  1. From credit crunch to communications crisis — will the global contraction of credit provoke a crisis in 2008?
  2. Capitalising on the $10 mobile phone — the major opportunity for the $10 phone may be the market for machines, rather than for people.
  3. Incumbents converting threats into opportunities — while the threat of disruption has frequently come and gone, many underlying technologies survive.
  4. Giving mobile GPS direction — this year could see that mobile could fit better into GPS than GPS into mobile phones.
  5. Exploiting new media’s growing need for communication — it is likely that this year will see digital communications becoming more varied, vibrant and vital to the way we live than ever before.
  6. Getting mobile indoors may spur network sharing — the need for improved indoor network mobile coverage is likely to be increasingly important for operators.
  7. Grey is good - the ROI from making telecommunications accessible to all — creating products that are usable by older generations and the younger generations – rather than focusing on the needs of the younger generations.
  8. The rising power of emerging market mobile operators — cellular mobile operations in emerging markets look set for high growth in 2008 and operators in developed countries should therefore move quickly if they wish to compete in these markets.
  9. Questioning the need for speed — the debate over how fast is fast enough in the telecommunications sector is likely to be as vigorous in 2008 as ever.
  10. GSM comes of age — on 7 September 2008, GSM comes of age . . .

The report includes recommendations from the Technology, Media & Telecommunications industry group on how to take advantage of these emerging trends.

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Telecommunications Predictions 2008 (PDF, 751KB)
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