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  • Contestability
    A new era in service delivery reform.
    Deloitte report, October 2014 | 12 pages
  • The war on weeds – two perspectives on paraquat
    Herbicide resistance is a complex issue, involving economic, health and environmental considerations. We present two different perspectives on the impacts of paraquat – a chemical to address herbicide resistant weeds.
    September 2014 | 1 page
  • Deloitte Mining Services Index Q2 2014
    The Deloitte Mining Services Index provides an overview of the mining services sector’s directional sentiment from a market and investor perspective based on the market capitalisation of 50 mining services companies.
    September 2014 | 12 pages
  • Rural R&D for Profit program: $100m in research funding
    This funding will provide opportunities for both agribusiness companies and researchers so if you have a research project in mind, this new Rural R&D for Profit initiative may be suitable for you.
    August 2014 | 1 page
  • Reform of the aged care sector – what are the real impacts?
    The Living Longer Living Better legislation came in to effect on 1 July 2014. Industry participants have started to see how it affects their specific operating models. So what are the real impacts?
    Deloitte video l 2 mins 32 secs
  • Australian weather conditions explained
    Weather underlies how we live and Australia farmers can be heavily impacted by its uncertainty. Here we seek to demystify the language and how different weather influences impact the Australian climate.
    August 2014 | 1 page
  • Mining equipment disposal – five questions to ask
    A key issue for the mining services industry remains – the market for second hand mining equipment. If the decision is to sell, how is the asset best realised to maximise return? Here are five questions to ask.
    August 2014 | 1 page
  • Roy Hill – The spark for mining services?
    Gina Rinehart’s US$10b dollar Roy Hill iron ore project indicates that the longer term employment story for mining services remains positive but will it flow through to service providers over the short term?
    August 2014 | 1 page
  • Ag in the Asian Century
    What does growing demand for food and agriculture products in Asia really mean for Australian business? The upcoming Ag in the Asian Century – National Export and Innovation Conference explores these questions.
    August 2014 | 1 page
  • State of Queensland Agriculture
    Recently released State of Queensland agriculture report set the baseline to measure its Government's ambitious agricultural production strategy.
    July 2014 | 1 page
  • Australian Growth Company Awards 2014
    Deloitte is a proud sponsor of the 2014 Australian Growth Company Awards for the second year. Nominations close on 15 September 2014.
    Award event 2014 | 6 pages
  • Tasmania’s dairy industry – On the moooooooove
    Word on the investment opportunities in the Tasmania Dairy industry is out and fund managers, corporate and private investors are showing increasing interest.
    June 2014 | 1 page
  • Digital disruption: Harnessing the 'bang'
    Discover how Telstra, NAB, Westfield & AustralianSuper have differentiated through customer, culture and clever investment in the dynamic digital world.
    Deloitte case studies, June 2014
  • Deloitte Mining Services Index – Q1 2014
    The Deloitte Mining Services Index provides an overview of the mining services sector’s directional sentiment from a market and investor perspective based on the market capitalisation of 50 mining services companies.
    June 2014 | 12 pages
  • Succession and the family farm – a plan for permanence
    99 percent of Australian farms are family owned and operated - without a succession plan in effect how will family farms transition successfully?
    Deloitte report, June 2014 | 1 page
  • Positioning for prosperity? Catching the next wave
    The Deloitte Growth 25 (DG25), identifies reasons to be optimistic about growth in Australia. Download the latest Building the Lucky Country report.
    Deloitte report, March 2014 | 102 pages
  • The future for mining services: Keep calm and carry on… or shift to gas?
    Miners are transitioning from the construction phase of the commodity super-cycle to the production boom, with many industry services operators that rode the upcycle hit with challenging trading conditions.
    Deloitte report, May 2014 | 1 page
  • Labour productivity – Banking your investment
    Many mining companies are currently exploring significant automation, centralisation and technology advancement programs to reduce operational costs which are driving the need for more effective people management.
    Deloitte report, May 2014 | 1 page
  • Budget Monitor: The Budget balancing act
    The lack of understanding by the electorate that the news on the economy is reasonable is a big problem, and it’s why selling the ideas in the Commission of Audit is a tough gig.
    Media release, May 2014
  • Investment Monitor March 2014: Engineering work steady as pipeline thins
    Growth remains solid, if below trend, and the key non-resources areas of the economy – retail spending and housing construction – are both showing encouraging signs.
    Media release, April 2014
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