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  • 2014-15 WA Budget Brief
    The new WA Treasurer, Mike Nahan handed down a ‘no surprises’ budget on May 8, largely adopting previous government commitments on infrastructure spending and avoiding any hard decisions on revenue or expenditure.
  • Major infrastructure projects: costs and productivity issues
    Produced for the Australian Constructors Association, this Deloitte Access Economics report looks construction sector costs and productivity in the delivery of public infrastructure projects.
  • Economic activity attributable to crop protection products
    A Deloitte Access Economics report for CropLife on the economics of crop protection products.
  • Economic benefits of closing the gap in Indigenous employment outcomes
    The social and economic disadvantage faced by many Indigenous Australians is widely recognised. Less acknowledged is the cost this disadvantage imposes on the Australian economy.
  • Economic value of groundwater in Australia
    Australia’s reserves of groundwater help earn the nation a steady $34 billion a year from mining, food production and manufacturing, according to a report prepared for the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training.
  • Reforming regulation of the Australian food and grocery sector
    With a strong focus on public health and safety standards, regulation of Australia’s food and grocery manufacturing sector is extensive – but it is also in need of urgent reform
  • The economic impacts of a domestic gas reservation
    This report, prepared for APPEA, examines the potential economic impacts of a domestic gas reservation policy.
  • Benefits of High-speed Broadband for Australian Households
    High-speed broadband will transform the Australian economy and society in coming years, and deliver significant benefits to most households
  • Economic Impact of a Western Sydney Airport
    The need for a second airport is agreed at both federal and state levels, and Deloitte Access Economics has now assessed the economic impact of a new airport at the preferred Western Sydney site of Badgerys Creek.
  • Investment and GDP profile study
    Mining related investment is currently the main driver of Australian economic activity, however as commodity prices fall and cost effective opportunities for further resources expansion recede, the contribution of resources investment to economic activity will moderate.
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