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  • Inbound and outbound investment – Bill introduced
    A bill to amend the thin capitalisation regime and introduce provisions to replace section 23AJ has been introduced into Parliament.
    Deloitte alert, July 2014 | 6 pages
  • Digital disruption: Harnessing the 'bang'
    Discover how Telstra, NAB, Westfield & AustralianSuper have differentiated through customer, culture and clever investment in the dynamic digital world.
    Deloitte case studies, June 2014
  • Maximising shareholder value
    Companies and shareholders should start considering the potential impacts of Company tax rate reduction and paid parental leave.
    Deloitte alert, June 2014
  • The 2014-15 Federal Budget
    Download Deloitte's Federal Budget Brief, for analysis of the budget papers and what the changes mean for business and taxpayers.
    Deloitte insights, May 2014
  • Tax roadmap - What, when, how?
    The tax roadmap sets out many (but not all) of the measures that the Coalition Government has committed to legislate and shows the complex mix of start dates for various amendments.
    Deloitte insights, May 2014 | 1 page
  • Positioning for prosperity? Catching the next wave
    The Deloitte Growth 25 (DG25), identifies reasons to be optimistic about growth in Australia. Download the latest Building the Lucky Country report.
    Deloitte report, March 2014 | 102 pages
  • Thin capitalisation and section 23AJ exposure draft
    The Government released exposure draft (ED) legislation relating to the thin capitalisation regime in Division 820 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.
    Deloitte report, May 2014 | 3 pages
  • Submission to Treasury on Employee Shares Schemes and Startup Companies
    Concentrating on the taxation of employee options & the changes necessary to better align the rules governing option arrangements for the startup sector.
    Deloitte submission, February 2014
  • Fate of outstanding tax measures – Government announcement
    The Government has announced the outcome of the review concerning whether or not 64 unenacted tax and superannuation measures would proceed.
    Deloitte insights, December 2013
  • The tax road ahead – Government announcement
    The attached document sets out our comments on the Government’s position and highlights the key considerations and actions for business now that there is a clearer view of the tax road ahead.
    Deloitte insights, November 2013 | 21 pages
  • Deloitte response to the change in Federal Government
    This document summarises the key Coalition tax policy announcements, and our tax action plan for the new Government.
    Deloitte insights, September 2013 | 13 pages
  • Deloitte response to Australia’s transfer pricing landscape
    Australia’s transfer pricing landscape has changed dramatically. We've analysed the reforms, documented what the changes mean and how business could respond. For more information download our recent paper.
    Deloitte insights, July 2013 | 11 pages
  • Significant Investor Visa: pathway to permanent residence
    The Significant Investor Visa (SIV) is designed to attract overseas investment and provide a streamlined pathway to permanent residence in Australia.
    Deloitte alert | various pages
  • Tax@hand | Tax publications and events
    Tax@hand gives you a convenient source of information on all of the important developments in tax affecting individuals and corporations.
    Deloitte weekly publication and app | various pages
  • Carbon price mechanism - Tax implications for businesses
    Compliance obligations and the tax implications of the carbon price continue to be an issue for Australia’s largest polluters as they adjust to the carbon pricing mechanism.
    Deloitte alert | 6 pages
  • The 2013-14 Budget Brief is now available to download
    We’ve spent the night analysing the budget papers and what the changes mean for business and taxpayers. Download your copy now.
    Deloitte insights, May 2013
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