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  • The digital tipping points are here: Deloitte media consumer survey
    Using the internet has almost eclipsed watching TV as our preferred source of entertainment and reading the news online has overtaken reading it in print, according to more than 2300 Australians surveyed for Deloitte’s annual media consumer survey.
  • 2014-15 WA Budget Brief
    The new Western Australian Treasurer, Mike Nahan handed down a ‘no surprises’ budget on May 8, largely adopting previous government commitments on infrastructure spending and avoiding any hard decisions on revenue or expenditure.
  • Fate of outstanding tax measures - Government announcement
    The Government has announced the outcome of the review concerning whether or not 64 unenacted tax and superannuation measures would proceed. The attached document sets out the key measures that will proceed and those that will not proceed.
  • The tax road ahead – Government announcement
    Deloitte comments on the Government’s new tax position superannuation, section 25-90, debt/equity integrity rule, Self-education expenses, R&D Tax incentive
  • Reform of the aged care sector
    The Living Longer Living Better legislation which recently passed the Senate, is good legislative change for a critical growth sector long term, but it will no doubt disrupt in the short to medium term.
  • Deloitte response to the change in Federal Government
    This document summarises the key Coalition tax policy announcements, and our tax action plan for the new Government.
  • Australian Growth Company Awards
    Deloitte is a proud sponsor of the second annual Australian Growth Company Awards.
  • Industry policy key to manufacturing success
    A new report conducted by Deloitte and the World Economic Forum (WEF) underlines the pivotal role that Government policies play in driving successful manufacturing sectors
  • The future of Government work
    Details trends in work and technology that offer significant opportunities for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the government workforce.
  • Innovation and streamlining a necessity for survival in parts manufacturing
    Damon Cantwell, Deloitte Partner, says a hard conversation has to take place between government and an industry under pressure
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