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  • Positioning for prosperity? Catching the next wave
    The Deloitte Growth 25 (DG25), identifies reasons to be optimistic about growth in Australia. Download the latest Building the Lucky Country report.
    Deloitte report, March 2014 | 102 pages
  • 2014 Global health care sector outlook
    Examines the current state of the global health care sector, and suggests considerations for stakeholders to address funding, cost and other issues.
    Global research | March 2014, 28 pages
  • New hospitals: Laying the right technology foundations
    Outlines eight elements essential to enable quality patient care, reduce inefficiency, support clinical research & effective management.
    Digital Health Care Brief, July 2012 | 12 pages
  • Digital hospitals: Top 12 technology myths
    Debunks the technology myths which can negatively impact new build digital hospitals or the digitising of an existing facility.
    Deloitte healthcare paper, July 2012 | 20 pages
  • Risk and responsibility in a hyper-connected world
    Aimed at executives, non-specialists and experienced practitioners alike, the report discusses key aspects of cyber resilience.
    Deloitte collaboration with the World Economic Forum, July 2012
  • The future of exchanging value: new ways of spending
    Analyses the dramatic shift about to take place in where, when and how value is exchanged across the economy including B2C & B2B.
    Deloitte Center for the Edge, July 2012 | 24 pages
  • Health, ageing, superannuation
    Looks at health care affordability for aged Australians & four models globally for supporting affordability of care at older.
    Paper, Institute of Actuaries Financial Services Forum, May 2012 | 30 pages/slides
  • Federal Budget 2012-13: Health initiatives & expenditure
    Summary of Budget health announcements covering aged care, NDIS, PHIAC, PCEHR, dental health and Health & Hospital Fund projects.
    LSHC & eHealth Communities of practice, May 2012 | 2 pages
  • The new health care workforce: Future talent management
    Summarises research for the Bipartisan Policy Center, Health Care Workforce Initiative. Applicable to Australia.
    Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, Issue brief, February 2012 | 20 pages
  • Private healthcare providers: The prognosis for growth
    Covers public vs. private, urban vs. rural, personnel & infrastructure, competition & performance, tourism & consumer needs.
    Deloitte South East Asia research, February 2012 | 16 pages
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