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  • The carbon price: Post 1 July 2012
    From 1 July 2012, many of Australia’s largest greenhouse gas emitters are now liable under the Clean Energy Act 2011.
    Deloitte alert, December 2012 | 2 pages
  • Technology strategy in carbon-constrained economies
    Now is the time to examine how technology can be used to reduce resource use, improve efficiency and provide insightful data.
    Deloitte POV, September 2012 | 4 pages
  • The carbon price: Accounting for carbon
    With the carbon price set to commence from 1 July 2012 all organisations should be preparing for it – what about you?
    Deloitte Australia, Report, June 2012 | 8 pages
  • The public sector challenge: How to gain private investment in sustainable projects
    Details key things public policy and program makers need to consider in obtaining private funding for sustainable programs.
    Deloitte Sustainability & Climate Change Practice, June 2012 | 10 pages
  • Rio+20: Deloitte perspectives on the key sustainability issues
    Outlines expected discussion topics plus updates on financing of sustainability projects and water stewardship.
    Deloitte sustainability & climate change services, June 2012 | 5 pages
  • AFSL Obligations: Carbon Emissions Units
    Outlines licensing requirements for businesses complying with their legal obligations for Australia’s carbon pricing mechanism.
    Deloitte report, May 2012 | 3 pages
  • Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC): design features
    Canvases finance sector views on the barriers to CE investment & preferred finance mechanisms to unlock private sector investment. .
    Report for Clean Energy Council, March 2012 | 31 pages
  • Organisational sustainability: Key issues for boards
    Outlines a framework for the consideration of valuing sustainability, corporate reporting, environmental impact, regulation and risk.
    Global report, January 2012 | 14 pages
  • Carbon price impact assessment services
    Insight into what the carbon price means for business and frameworks for impact assessment, emissions measurement, reporting and assurance.
    Deloitte report, December 2011 | 2 pages
  • Views on the Prospects for Climate Action After COP17
    Point of view about the likely practical outcomes should the COP17 talks in Durban, South Africa result in no meaningful progress.
    Deloitte report, December 2011 l 6 pages
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