Consumer Business

Sustaining a competitive advantage is the hallmark of today's retailing environment. As consumers have shifted their buying criteria to demand more value, better service, and greater convenience, retailers must adapt the way they offer services to meet these evolving consumer needs. Changing retailing patterns, industry consolidation, globalization and the growth of technology have blurred the lines among the traditional role of a consumer product manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, retailer and the customer. This convergence of the consumer supply chain creates an opportunity for consumer businesses to optimize the relationship between their suppliers and vendors to create timely new products, streamlined operations, and high quality low cost service.

Deloitte help consumer businesses find the right solutions to these and other challenges. Our experience across all segments of the consumer business industry allows us to understand the issues and industry trends that impact your business. We then respond with an integrated team of specialists that align with your strategy, to deliver expertise that enhances operations for greater efficiency and measurable results.

Our specialist teams focus on providing multi-disciplinary, industry specific solutions which address the major issues facing our Consumer Business clients in the following three key sub-sectors:

  • Retail, Wholesale & Distribution
  • Consumer Goods
  • Consumer & Business Services

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