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Link'n Learn archives

Webinars' recordings

Led by Deloitte’s leading industry experts, Link’n Learn is series of free of charge webinars conducted over the course of the year, specifically designed to keep you up-to-date with today’s critical trends and the latest regulations impacting your business.

The webinars are recorded and these recordings are available online in MP4 format after each session. Click on the title to view the webinar.

Date Title Agenda
28 August 2014

Introduction to IFRS for Investment Funds

1. Introduction
2. IFRS and Investments Funds
3. Format of IFRS Financial Statements for Funds
4. IFRS for Investment Funds
14 August 2014

Introduction to Private Equity 

1. Introduction to Private Equity
2. Fund economics
3. Valuation
4. Market Trends & Challenges
5. Q&A
31 July 2014

Derivative Financial Instruments – Valuing Complex Instruments  

1. Credit Linked Note
2. OIS Discounting
3. Credit Valuation Adjustment / Debit Valuation Adjustment
17 July 2014

Remuneration: Key developments and considerations for Fund Managers

1. Key trends in asset management remuneration
2. AIFMD – update on current position and current country challenges
3.  CRD IV – impact of new rules on Code Staff identification
4. UCITS – remuneration developments
19 June 2014

Derivative Financial Instruments - Introduction to Valuation

1. Interest Rate Swaps
2. Cross Currency Swaps
3. Forward Contracts & Futures
4. Options
5. Contracts for Difference
6. Total Return Swaps
5 June 2014

Unravelling Basel III and Capital Requirements Directive IV

1. Give a brief overview of Basel III / CRD IV
2. Highlight the regulatory implications of CRD IV for Investment Firms / Managers of Funds
3. Highlight the Regulatory Implications of CRD IV of Investment Funds & potential structural reform
4. Outline the Business implications of CRD IV5. Q&A
22 May 2014

Introduction to Hedge Funds

1. Introduction and Background
2. Key market participants and their respective roles
3. Types of Hedge Funds
4. Hedge Fund Strategies
5. European AIFs
8 May 2014

MiFID II / MiFIR - Implications for Fund Managers

1. Drivers for change
2. Governance
3. Conflicts
4. Markets Reform
5. Conduct
6. Joining the dots between regulatory change
7. Key next steps 
29 April 2014

Introductions to Islamic Funds - Discover what Luxembourg can offer

1. Introduction
2. Islamic Finance in Luxembourg nowadays
3. Structuring Sharia’a Funds
4. Examples of Sharia’a Funds structures
5. Opportunities for Luxembourg
24 April 2014

UCITS developments

1. Evolution of UCITS
4. Impact of wider retail investor protection initiatives on UCITS
5. UCITS product and distribution landscape
6. The future for UCITS
10 April 2014

AIFMD - 100 day plan

1. Status and developments from ESMA/key jurisdictions
2. Distribution and passporting under AIFMD
3. Compliance planning – key risks and challenges
4. AIFMD risk management
5. Delegation and remuneration in practice
6. Preparing for regulatory reporting
7. Service provider and depositary arrangements
27 March 2014

FATCA Implementation

1. FATCA Overview
2. Latest Technical Updates
3. Key Priorities/Requirements
4. Key Pillars for Successful Implementation of a FATCA Programme
20 March 2014

AIFMD Depositary - Taking a risk-intelligent approach

1. The changing risk and cost profile for depositaries
2. Operational impacts
3. Pricing strategy
4. Capital considerations
5. Findings of our European depositary survey
6 March 2014

EMIR - Where do you stand?

1. What are the challenges facing the asset management industry today with respect to EMIR?
2. 12 business days after 12 February go live date – where does the industry stand?
3. Clearing and margining requirements
4. What we can expect to see happening in the broader financial services industry (banking and insurance) that may have an impact on the asset management industry?
13 February 2014

Introduction to Investment Funds

1. Introduction – what is a fund, types of funds
2. Key participants to a fund
3. Financial instruments and valuation
4. Market Trends
30 January 2014

Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) - How will supervision be in the future?

1. Banking Union and the SSM: preparing for a new world
2. SSM in practice – Target operating model, current status, impacts on banks and regulators
3. Comprehensive Balance sheet assessment – content and timeline
4. SSM in the wider context of regulation
14 October 2013

An introduction to IFRS for funds - Including 2013 updates

1. Background to IFRS
2. Primary financial statement presentation for Funds reporting under IFRS
3. Application of relevant IFRS standards to accounting and reporting for Funds
4. Latest developments in IFRS where applicable to Funds
10 October 2013

AIFMD - Addressing the complex challenges of remuneration and delegation

1. Current themes across asset management reward
2. Impact of the recent Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) remuneration consultation paper
3. AIFM remuneration in a Luxembourg and Ireland context
4. How the different remuneration regimes (CRD III, CRD IV, AIFMD, UCITS V) interact
5. Delegation and substance in the UK, Ireland and Luxembourg
6. Deciding on your AIFM model
26 September 2013

Impacts of Basel II - III and Solvency II for the asset management

1. Introduction – Why are capital requirements regulations important for the asset management industry?
2. Impact on the IM industry of risk and capital regulation for banks
3. Impact on the IM industry of risk and capital regulation for insurance undertakings
4. Opportunities and challenges for the Asset Management Industry
23 September 2013

Introduction and latest updates to ETFs and Index Tracker Funds

1. The ETF / Tracker Funds market
2. Types of ETFs
3. Latest developments ESMA / ECB / IOSCO / EFAMA papers
4. Future of the ETFs
20 June 2013

AIFMD: Custodian responsibilities - Latest developments based on AIFMD and UCITS V

1. Overview of the new depositary regime
2. Key duties
3. Depositary liability and prime broker models
4. Operational impacts
5. Future depositary landscape
13 June 2013

AIFMD (3/4): focus on level II measures - Mancos, delegation, valuation and remuneration

1. AIFM structuring and delegation
2. Remuneration
3. Valuation
6 June 2013

AIFMD (2/4): Focus on direct & indirect tax aspects of the implementation of AIFMD

1. Direct and indirect tax impact of the AIFMD on AIFMs and AIFs
2. Cross-border management opportunities and pitfalls
3. Substance considerations at the level of the AIFMs and delegation possibilities
4. AIFMD within an international context
16 May 2013

AIFMD (1/4): Introduction, general principles

1. The Road to AIFMD
2. Ambitions and Scope
3. The Future
6 May 2013

Evolution and latest developments on UCITS Funds Regulation

1. Revised 2010 Fund Law
2. Luxembourg Management Company – CSSF Circular 12/546
3. Concept of promoter
4. UCITS V requirements
5. UCITS VI propositions
6. The Irish Central Banks updates / revisions
2 May 2013

Introduction to Risk Management (2/2): investment funds

1. Regulatory context and timeline
2. Overview of main risk management requirements
3. Overview of main risk reporting
4. Latest developments regarding ETFs and other UCITS issues
5. Zoom on a few topics
29 April 2013

Introduction to Risk Management (1/2): Principles, concepts & techniques

1. Introduction to main concepts
2. Risk management in the investment fund industry
3. Insights on risk quantification in the financial area
4. A case study on Value-at-risk
5. New trends in risk management : the way ahead
25 April 2013

Share class FX hedging

1. Share class FX hedging - Introduction
2. Sources of FX hedging impacts
3. Monitoring the hedging quality
4. Hedged benchmark analysis
22 April 2013

Introduction to asset management & portfolio investment techniques

1. Introduction to modern portfolio theory
2. Investment universe and asset selection
3. Portfolio optimisation
4. Investment  style reviews
5. Risk monitoring and management
6. Conclusions
11 April 2013

Risk and Capital : from Basel II to Basel III

1. Why holding capital to cover risks?
2. From Basel I to Basel III: a bit of history
3. Basel II : A quick reminder
4. Introduction to Basel III
8 April 2013

Introduction to Islamic Funds

1. What is Islamic Finance?
2. Islamic financing contracts
3. Structuring Islamic funds
4. Regulation of Shariah compliant investment funds
21 March 2013


1. Motivations
2. Timeline
What is EMIR about?
1. Clearing Requirements
2. Margin & Capital
3. Reporting Obligations
Business Impacts
1. Strategic considerations
2. Operational Challenges
14 March 2013

Global evolution of the custody framework

Target 2 Securities
1. Objective and rationale of TARGET2-Securities in the EU
2. Understanding TARGET2-Securities
3. T2S and the fund industry
4. Strategic & Operational Impacts
5. Latest updates on T2S
1. Main objectives on UCITS V – a focus on current reflexions
2. Potential impact of the introduction of UCITS V on custody framework and responsibilities
7 March 2013

Knowledge Sharing Session - India Budget 2013

1. India snapshot
2. Significant policy proposals
3. Direct taxes
28 February 2013


1. Why MiFID II?
2. What is new?
3. MiFID II versus MiFID I
4. Recent developments
5. Concrete impacts for banks, PSF and investment funds
25 February 2013

The fund registration process (r)evolution after the KIIDs - practical lessons learned & best practices

1. Has the fund notification really been simplified? The pro’s and con’s
2. How UCITS IV transformed the fund registration process into an operational and technological exercise
3. The most common coordination pain points between fund engineering, fund registration, KIID factories, regulators, web publication, document dissemination
4. Best practices to ensure a smooth coordination, a fast time to market and mitigating the reputation risks vis-à-vis regulators
20 February 2013

AIFMD remuneration - ESMA final guidelines

1. Key updates from ESMA
2. Scope of AIFMD remuneration rules
3. Remuneration structures
4. Governance and disclosure
5. Proportionality principle
6. Tax considerations
7. Next steps
18 February 2013

Transactions cycles & Net asset value calculations

1. Subscriptions / Redemptions
2. Purchase / Sale of securities
3. Income / Expenses
4. NAV calculation
04 February 2013

Introduction to Derivative Instruments (Part 2)

1. Credit Default Swap
2. Total Return Swap
3. Credit Linked Note
31 January 2013

EURO : Preparing 'What if ?' scenarios

1. Where do we stand today?
2. Potential scenarios  
3. Liability – Reputational and practical
4. Some practical things to do
5. Looking at situations holistically
6. Conclusions
28 January 2013

Introduction to Derivative Instruments (Part 1)

1. Swaps
2. Forward contracts & futures
3. Options
4. Contract for Difference
24 January 2013

Introduction to private equity funds

1. Industry overview
2. Structuring Private Equity in Europe
3. Accounting and valuations
21 January 2013

AIFMD Level 2 measures

1. Delegation of Investment Management functions and the concept of Letter Box entity
2. New Depositary Liabilities on Collateral
3. Calculation Method for Leverage
17 January 2013

Introduction to hedge funds

1. Alternative investments definition
2. Hedge fund strategies (analysis with concrete example for each strategy):
3. European AIFs
10 January 2013

 Introduction to Undertakings for Collective Investments

1. The UCI market
2. Main actors associated with an UCI
3. General Definition & Legal Forms of an UCI

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